What does it cost to process beef?

Big Hickory Farms recommends a local USDA approved/inspected processor for preparing your grass fed Angus Beef.  The cost of processing your beef is:  $35.00 to dress, pack and vacuum seal the beef; plus $.65 per pound(dressed weight) to process your custom order – steaks, hamburger, roasts, etc.  You can choose how many pounds for roasts, hamburger packages, etc.  You can also have your vacuum sealed grass fed processed beef packed into freezer boxes for $2.00 per box or you can use your own coolers!

The following is an EXAMPLE!
Market prices apply when delivery is made to the processing facility!

Example – 800 Pound Live Weight
Beef Cost $2.75/lb
(Market prices apply on delivery!)
Delivery Fee $25.00
Processing Fee
   65¢/lb (based on 400 lbs. dressed weight)     
Packing Fee $35.00
Total $2,520.00
Averaged Processed Cost per Pound
(based on 400 lb dressed weight)

NOTE: There is a $200 non-refundable deposit required when you place your beef order.